• Introducing Clever RX

    The Chamber has partnered with Clever RX to bring discounted prescriptions - for humans and pets - to the Falls Church community! 


  • What is Clever RX?

    Clever RX is a free prescription program that provides discounts on more than 55,000 FDA approved medications through 80,000 pharmacies nationwide. 40% of the prescriptions covered are less than $10 and it is cheaper than insurance programs 80% of the time!

    What's the catch? Why is the Chamber promoting this?

    There is no catch - there is no risk to giving this a try. We think everyone deserves access to low cost prescription medications and this does just that. And, if you use the Clever RX card or app to purchase prescriptions, the Chamber will receive $.35 per prescription to defray the costs incurred promoting it.



    Bottom Line

    If this program saves you money on prescriptions, great! If it doesn't, we hope you will hang onto the card and save the app in case it might help in the future. The program is free and takes seconds to access so there really is no downside. Our intent is to provide a community service. If we make some non-dues revenue while saving you money, that is even better.

    We have more information available if you are interested and we are happy to answer questions. Thank you for considering this and giving it a try!

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