• Certificates of Origin

  • Area companies come to the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce to verify Certificates of Origin. These companies are shipping products overseas and need this verification, which can only be obtained from a Chamber of Commerce.

    The United States has numerous trade agreements with many foreign countries, and under the terms of many of these agreements, American products receive lower tariff rates. The foreign customs office verifies product qualifications for these preferential duty rates by accompanying Certificates of Origin. Also, some countries have banned certain products from countries that have been caught dumping. The Certificate of Origin helps prove that the product is allowed into that particular country.

    Through world trade agreements on an international level, it has been determined and agreed upon by all countries that local Chambers of Commerce are reputable, and are in the best position to know the local companies and their product lines.  In several other countries, Chamber of Commerce membership is a requirement of doing business, and is not voluntary; therefore to be a legitimate business, they must be a part of their Chamber of Commerce.  In the United States, companies have the choice of being a member of their local Chamber; so this process requires additional measures to protect the integrity of the process and the Chamber’s liability.

    The overview of our process, information regarding fees and indemnification agreement required for verifying Certificates of Origin can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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