Hot Deal

Offer Valid: 07/15/2019 - 12/31/2019
$60 for 60 Minutes
Here at the Athlete Development Center of Falls Church our mission at its core is to provide restoration - to be the oasis in the Little City when you're overworked, overtrained and overscheduled.

We thrive on community and connection, so as we near our one-year anniversary we want to amp up our support efforts by making weekday wellness more accessible.

For the rest of the year we are expanding our 60 for $60 full-body massage from Monday into Tuesday and Wednesday. 

You read that correctly - $60 Massage every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at ADC-FC! 

Please help us spread the word by tagging someone in the community who needs to RESTORE. Then hop over to your MindBody app and search for Massage: Weekday Special to book!


This Hot Deal is promoted by Falls Church Chamber of Commerce.